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Författare / Redaktör År Titel
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Magic Garden Seeds2015 Bunte Salsa-Chili 'Pimenta Barra Do Ribeiro' (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Chili 'Okrasné spicaté' (Capsicum frutescens). Niedrige tschechische Chilisorte für die Fensterbank
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Chili pepper 'Aci Sivri Biber' (Capsicum annuum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Chili pepper 'Aji Little Finger Orange' (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2015 Chili pepper 'Aji Rivo' (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2015 Chili pepper 'Aji Verde' (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Chili pepper 'Colorado Picante' (Capsicum annuum)
Magic Garden Seeds2018 Chili pepper 'Hegyes Erös' (Capsicum annuum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Chili pepper 'Nepal Snakebite' (Capsicum frutescens)
Magic Garden Seeds2015 Chili pepper 'Pimenta Pingo De Ouro' (Capsicum chinense)
Magic Garden Seeds2018 Chili pepper 'Purple Habanero Peach' (Capsicum chinense)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Chili pepper 'Red Hot Odessa' (Capsicum annuum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Chili pepper 'Speedball' (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Chillies 'Guindilla Blanca de Vinagre' (Capsicum annuum)
Magic Garden Seeds2015 Glockenchili 'Jamaican Bell' (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Guyana Rainforest Chili Pepper 'Mazaroni' (Capsicum annuum)
Magic Garden Seeds2015 Habanero Chili Pepper 'Natal' (Capsicum chinense)
Magic Garden Seeds2015 Hot Chili Pepper 'Earbob' (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Hot Orange pepper (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2016 Scharfer Aji Chili 'Red Tip' (Capsicum baccatum)
Magic Garden Seeds2017 Ukrainian Bush Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)
Magic Garden Seeds2018 White beetroot 'Albina Vereduna' / 'Albina Ice' (Beta vulgaris)
Magic Mushroom2010 Svamp
Magiska Molekyler2001- Växter och svampar
Magnolia Society1994 Check list of cultivated magnolias
Magnolia Society International2001- Magnolia Cultivars Checklist
MagnoliaStore2017 Magnolia 'Purple Globe'
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Manual of Alien Plants of Belgium2015 Lindernia dubia
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Manual of the Alien Plants of Belgium2011 Bidens triplinervia
Manual of the Alien Plants of Belgium2017 Lonicera nitida
Manual of the Alien Plants of Belgium2017 Lonicera pileata
Manual of the Alien Plants of Belgium2014 Mazus pumilus
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Marshalls Seeds2018 Pepper Seeds - Snackbite Orange F1 Hybrid
Marshalls Seeds2018 Pepper Seeds - Snackbite Red F1 Hybrid
Marshalls Seeds2018 Pepper Seeds - Snackbite Yellow F1 Hybrid
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